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MARITIME ALERTS – COASTAL RISK WARNINGS: Nova Scotia, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, North Atlantic Ocean

United States Of North America - Maritime Alerts have been triggered as Hurricane Lee travels fast on Northerly track up the Atlantic. The fast moving storm will effect New England, Maritime Activities And Coastal Operations. Prepare for higher winds, storm harbor surge collections. Risk and warnings for strong surges, waves and currents from Cape

Severe Winter Weather And Dangerous Cold Temps Move Towards New England

New England, United States of America - Strong and dangerous winter weather including blizzard conditions are moving through Chicago, Mid West and the Great Lakes. The NorthEast United States should prepare for strong dangerous winds, dangerously low temperatures and wind chills, loss of power and limited access to supplies and assistance. Stay…

Umaine Launches The First Bio-based 3D printed Home As a Proposal To Bring Forth Economical Housing

Umaine Launches the First Bio-based 3D printed Home As a Proposal To Bring Forth Economical Housing On November 21st, researchers at the University of Maine Advanced Structures and Composites Center (ASCC) presented the world’s first Bio-based 3D printed home, composed of 100 percent bio materials. The house, named “BioHome 3D” is described as…

Asphalt Cost Per Ton 2022 – BYLT™ & AGGRECOST™ North East & New England Regional Asphalt Price Data Survey

Milford, Connecticut - Asphalt Prices for 2022 are now available for this paving season. BYLT™ has completed it's national annual spring asphalt cost review. In this release we will provide cost data sampling for the United States North East Region including New England. Asphalt Price & Cost Considerations Some notes to consider


Inflation and Mounting shortages Are delaying Construction Of Infrastructure In Maine As The Trends Are Popping Up Across The United States

United States of America- So far this year, the Maine Department of Transportation has rejected bids on at least 15 projects because the contractors' bids were significantly higher than the department's budget. Maine DOT has canceled 17 percent of its paving projects for the year as inflation ate sustainability out of production to cost ratio.


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