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Procore Stock Falls To IPO Levels, Fails To Capitalize Off Infrastructure Bill Boost

Cupertino, California - Procore stocks fall from its recent high near $105 back down to its IPO days price range of $88 on Friday morning. Failure to gain intrest or boost in investment from the recent infrastructure bill and a recent expired lock out on selling stock from the ipo over the past 2 weeks have brought the stock down over 15% in a

Procore Stock Sinks 14%, Notice Of Lock Up Expiring On Insider Stock Selling Issued Ahead Of Earnings Release On Nov. 4th

Washington D.C., United States Of America - Procore Stock (PCOR NYSE) sunk 14% this week from a high of 104.86. The company reported a 27 percent year-over-year increase in revenue to $122.8 million in the second quarter of 2021 with gross margins of 79 percent. The company lost about $150 million in the quarter, owing to increases in general

PROCORE PAID $500M For LEVELSET? What? Why? And What You Need To Consider. Lets take A look…

Carpinteria, California - (NYSE: PCOR) Like everyone else you are probably asking yourself: why would Procore pay $500M for LevelSet? Don't worry you are not alone and most likely it's not why you would think. LevelSet is a platform for managing lien notice of intents, placements and payment collection for the United States. The construction

What Procore’s Earnings and Katerra’s Bankruptcy Tell Us About Construction Tech

New York, New York- The much-anticipated Procore IPO, valuing the company at over $9B, was deemed a success. As they reported positive earnings for the past quarter, the same day that Katerra was back in bankruptcy court, the vastly different scenarios for what were once two unicorns, raises the question, “Is all the attention around construction


Autodesk and Procore: How Are the Construction Software Leaders Performing in 2021?

Autodesk and Procore are two of the leading software providers in the construction industry. Founded in 1982 and public since 1985, Autodesk has focused on design software, recently expanding into cloud-based construction management. The company initially targeted the AEC industry, but it has now expanded to other sectors like manufacturing,

Construction Enters A New Era

Ushering In A New Era For The American Construction Industry Construction Jobs Job reports just released this morning show excellent progress for the American worker and other industries as well. From this time last year initial claims have decreased by just about a million down to 719,000 for week ending March 26, 2020. What seems

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