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Lumber Prices Could Reach $2400 In 2022

United States Of America - Lumber prices could escalate easily to $2400 per MBF this spring and late summer similarly mirroring last year. Builders, Developers, Program Managers and Project Managers should weigh risks now and prepare for the possibility. Currently risks seem to be leaning more towards increased demand, labor shortages, natural and

Denver Construction Is Booming. We Take You Through Some Of The Most Notable Projects And Their Teams

Denver, Colorado - Denver construction has been booming. Residential construction is expected to account for about two-thirds of the market's growth in 2021. The market, on the other hand, is likely to return to normal in 2022. There are two possible explanations for the recent uptick in activity: first, the surge of new residential development

Construction Specifications, Shop Drawings, Submittals. Do we Need Them? How Much Longer Will We Use Them?

United States Of America- Construction Specifications, Shop Drawings, Submittals & Substitutes. One of the most time consuming and problematic processes that face modern construction projects and sites. The AEC industry is broken and so is our supply chains. Enormous and alarming amounts of time, energy, waste, man power and money through