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U.S. Supreme Court And Union’s Right To Strike

United States Of America - On June 1, 2023, the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Washington state concrete business which sued the union that represented the company’s truck drivers. The 8-1 decision overturned the lower court ruling of Glacier Northwest Inc. v. International Brotherhood of Teamsters, which held that Glacier is

Contagion Of Rail & Transport Strikes Spread Disruption As Risks Mount Again

United States of America - Possible contagion rail strikes are mounting in the US again with the blunt of strikes and protests falling over France and other European zones. Expect rapid negotiated and pre-medetated swift action from the White House task forces at a time of crisis during the actions by Russia in Ukraine and the market manipulations…


Union Strike Delays Major Projects For Turner Construction, Facebook & Rail Agency

Bellevue, Washington - A lengthy strike by concrete truckers and drivers has slowed or halted major projects in the Seattle area, including the light rail expansion, resulting in the layoff of hundreds of workers. The strike affects every concrete-related project in the region. The Teamsters Local 174 union, which represents concrete mixer drivers…

Carpenters Union In Washington Approve Contract Agreement, Bringing An End To Strike That Slowed Construction Work. AGC To Comment this Morning

Seattle, Washington - Carpenters in the Seattle area have approved a new contract with their employers following a nearly three-week strike that slowed construction across the region and exposed divisions within the union's 12,000 members. The Northwest Carpenters Union reported Monday evening that its members voted in favor of the deal by a


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