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Boston Public Employee Vaccine Mandate Blocked By Judge As Union Workers And Leadership Appear Split

Boston, Massachusetts - The vaccine mandate for city employees in Boston has been temporarily halted by an appeals court judge in response to a lawsuit brought by labor unions representing first responders against the city of Boston. The decision grants a stay to termination of their jobs which affects approximately 450 city employees who are

OSHA: VACCINE MANDATE REINSTATED, Enforcement/Penalties Will start January 10, 2022

Washington, DC – The vaccine mandate has been reinstated by OSHA after the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals lifted a stay on the rule on Friday night. OSHA estimated that the vaccine-or-test rule could save over 6,500 lives and prevent over 250,000 hospitalizations during its six-month implementation period. Aside from the vaccine and testing

Get Ready For More Labor Problems As Vaccine Mandate Refusals & Quits Start To Add Up

Washington D.C. - As the labor crisis advances across the U.S.A vaccine mandates are rolling out as well. Most of the mandatory vaccine requirements are from larger corporations with 100 or more employees but it is the recited normal from the White House for "back to work" and "back to school". Bylt: has seen a rapid uptick in quits the last


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