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BYLT: U.S. Solar Energy Production Up 24% & U.S. Wind Energy Production Up 12% Year Over Year – U.S. Balancing And Scaling Responsibly

United States Of America - Energy data from the "Monthly Energy Review" has been released.  The U. S. Energy Information Administration included the annual data in this data review. The United States showed strong gains in solar and wind. Solar energy production in the U.S. increased from 1.212 Quadrillion Btu up 24%  to 1.501 .Quadrillion Btu

Avangrid Has Ongoing Plans for Green Hydrogen, Solar and Offshore Wind Power

Avangrid is becoming an important player in the US renewable energy industry, with $38 billion in assets and a presence in 24 states. They are developing many offshore wind farms in the East Coast, including Vineyard Wind 1 (800 MW) and Park City Wind (804 MW), located in Massachusetts and Connecticut. However, Avangrid is also participating in


BYLT & The Portfolio Of Partners Is Happy To Say It Has Been Acquired For Expansion. We Will Be On Break While The Move And Upgrade To New Infrastructure & Portfolio Products And Companies That Have Been Completed Over The Years Begin To Roll Out While Regulatory Approvals Finalize .

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