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The State of Washington, Department of Transportation is

The State of Washington, Department of Transportation is acquiring property and/or property rights for the SR 90, Garfield Street TO JCT. SR 395 Project. Negotiations to acquire the property described below have reached an impasse so the State is preparing to submit to the Attorney General’s Office a request for acquisition of this property and/or property rights through a condemnation action. This is done to assure that the rights of the individual property owner and the rights of all the taxpayers of the state are equally protected.

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The final action at which the State as condemner will decide whether to authorize the condemnation of the property will take place on Monday 11:00 AM, February 6, 2023, at the Real Estate Services Building located at 2714 N. Mayfair St., Spokane, WA 99207. The property owner may provide information for the State to consider at this meeting. Provide information to Timothy P. Golden, Real Estate Services Manager, at 509-324-6280. Written information may be submitted to the Washington State Department of Transportation, Attn: Timothy P. Golden, Real Estate Services Manager, 2714 N. Mayfair St., Spokane, WA 99207, prior to the meeting.

Assessed Owner: Andy W. Louie and Cheryl S. Louie
Property Address: 2124 E. 3rd Avenue, Spokane WA 99202
Tax Parcel Number: 35211.2517
Brief Legal Description: Lot 5 Block 7, Union Park Addition
State Parcel Number: 6-06111





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