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TOWN OF EAST HAVEN Request for Proposal: East Haven Ice

TOWN OF EAST HAVEN Request for Proposal: East Haven Ice Rink Facility Evaluation Study Deadline for Proposal Submission: March 23, 2021 at 2:00 p.m The full version of this RFP can be found on the Town of East Haven Website at 1. Sealed Proposals are due at the Town of East Haven Finance Department on date noted above. NO proposals will be accepted after the date and time specified above. Whether the proposal is sent by mail or commercial express service, the proposer shall be responsible for actual delivery of the proposal to the FINANCE DEPARTMENT before the deadline time. Proposals received after the deadline time will not be considered. PLEASE CLEARLY INDICATE PROPOSAL NAME “EAST HAVEN ICE RINK FACILITY EVALUATION STUDY” ON LOWER LEFT-HAND CORNER OF ENVELOPE. 2. PROPOSALS ARE ALSO ACCEPTED BY E-MAIL TO 3. The Town of East Haven is exempt from Federal and State Taxes.



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