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Transportation Request for Proposal – Greenwood

Transportation Request for Proposal – Greenwood School District

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Legal Notices

The Greenwood School District is accepting proposals for the transportation

needs of the district.

The contract would be in effect for a five-year period of time, 2021-2022 through


Contractors will be paid by state formula for regular transportation and activity


This would include the following, but not limited to:

1. 12 regular bus runs. The district currently operates with mixture of 72 and 77 passenger buses

2. 2 regular bus runs in 25 passenger mini buses to navigate difficult pick up and drop areas

3. 1 Special Education van to Soaring Heights, Mifflin, PA

4. 2 wheelchair accessible vans to Greenwood School District

5. 2 ambulatory care vans to Greenwood School District

6. 1 Non-Public Mini bus/van to Juniata Mennonite School

7. 1 Non-Public Mini bus/ van to Raccoon Valley Amish School

8. 1 Regular bus run to Cumberland Perry Vocational Technical School. (72)

passenger bus

9. 4 After school Activity runs

10. Athletic Events & Field Trips

11. Availability of a mini bus/van on an “as needed” basis

*All buses must be equipped with video camera security equipment that operates on a daily basis at the cost of the contractor

*All vehicles must be equipped with cell phones at the cost of the contractor

*Contractors will provide accurate monthly mileage sheets for all activity and athletic runs

*Contractors may bid on all the transportation or portions of the transportation listed above

Special consideration will be given to contractors who:

1. Submit competitive cost formulas for Athletic Event and Field Trip transportation. These activities are not reimbursed by the state and are funded by the district.

2. Equips regular size passenger buses with strobe warning lights on the roof.

3. Any additional services that will be provided beyond the scope of the original specifications.

The Greenwood School District retains the right to accept or reject any/or all bids associated with the transportation RFP. The Greenwood School District retains the right to award the bid to one contractor or split the bids among multiple contractors.

Questions may be directed to: Nicholas Guarente – Superintendent, (717) 589-3117

Send proposal to: Nicholas Guarente- Superintendent

Greenwood School District

405 E. Sunbury Street

Millerstown, Pa 17062

All proposals must be submitted by 12:00 noon on Friday, May 21, 2021.


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