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Volvo: Meet The Future Of Construction “Think Outside The Box”

Volvo Construction Equipment

Gothenburg, SwedenVolvo Construction Equipment is happy to introduce the Volvo LX03, a self-driving wheel loader concept that sets new standards in construction safety, efficiency, and sustainability.
Volvo CE’s world-first prototype pushes the boundaries of technology and imagination, and it marks an important turning point in the company’s investigation of machine intelligence and commitment to decarbonizing future building.

LX03, the intelligent future of construction, is unveiled

Here it is, in case you missed it: the video from ZEUX – Making it Real.

The Concept Wheel Loader LX03 : The Project. Volvo Construction Equipment is proud to present Volvo LX03 – an autonomous concept wheel loader that is breaking new grounds in smart, safe and sustainable construction solutions.


The Volvo LX03 is the first real-world example of a self-learning wheel loader with the brains to make decisions, perform tasks, and interact with people, inspired by the ZEUX concept developed by Volvo CE and LEGO® Technic engineers and designers.

A LEGO® Technic model has never before been turned into a working machine before.

Volvo, LEGO Technic, and a group of extraordinary children collaborated in 2016 to develop the ZEUX concept for a self-driving wheel loader.

The end result was ZEUX, a spectacular new LEGO® Technic building set jam-packed with innovative features.

The talented engineering and development teams got to work right away on bringing the idea to life in the real world.
The LX03 is now the next step in Volvo’s plan after years of hard work and dedication.

Despite its lack of commercial availability, engineers expect the LX03 to yield useful insights for both current and future applications.

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Streamed Live On October 27, 2021 – ZEUX – Making it Real, Digital Event
The LX03’s striking scissor frame

A Plan For The Creation Of New Life

The scissor frame design on the LX03 gives it a distinct look and allows it to move more freely, which increases its efficiency.

You can fill the bucket using a unique bucket sequence that involves lowering the machine’s rear counterweight, which means the loading unit up front does not have to do any work and the loading process is more stable as a result.

The counterweight doubles as the battery pack

Highest Levels Of Energy Efficiency Ever Attained

When it’s time to empty the load, the bucket can extend much further over the load receiver than a conventional machine by lifting the counterweight, which also serves as the battery pack.

By allowing the machine to use its own weight to generate more lifting power and by allowing larger bucket fills, this motion pattern improves energy efficiency.

The Future Has Arrived, And It’s Here Right Now.

As of right now, Volvo has self-driving haulers on the road and in commercial use. As the number of autonomous and semi-autonomous machinery concepts grows, the Volvo LX03 will become a mainstay on future construction sites.

Source Volvo Construction Equipment

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