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3D Printer On Robotic Tracked Chasis Hits Production In AEC Industries Located At Israeli Firm

@shookacohen - Shooka Cohen

Isreal – Reports from the Jerusalem Post states that, Ackerstein Industries, based in Israel, is expanding its pioneering efforts into 3D concrete printing. Ackerstein Industries is a pioneer in developing “proprietary” eco-friendly concrete solutions for infrastructure and industrial projects with a focus on what appears to be recycled mix ins, less raw materials.

According to reports, the company intends to develop and sell a variety of things utilizing a custom concrete blend and a pioneering 3D printing machine, positioning it as a pioneer in Israel’s industrial environment. Ackerstein hopes to roll out new collections for eco-conscious projects, public furniture, and other uses in collaboration with Netherlands-based CyBe, experts in concrete printing technology, exhibiting the technology’s adaptability and defining new design trends in the Israeli market.
Through a collaboration agreement with CyBe, Ackerstein Industries enters the Israeli construction 3D printing sector.

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Ehud Danoch CEO Ackerstein Industries

CEO of Ackerstein Industries, Ehud Danoch (shown). (Photo by Osnat Rom). 3D concrete printing is not only efficient, but it is also a greener choice, preserving energy and material resources. The process moves at a rate of about 0.5 meters per second, ensuring quick manufacturing and significant cost reductions. While the approach has been recognized globally for over ten years, commercial applications in housing, infrastructure, and eco-design have just lately gained popularity. Ackerstein has recently concentrated on developing a new line of 3D printed objects ranging from eco-friendly public furniture to retaining walls and building facade treatments.

No mention is made on North American availability in near future but the company boasts nearly a hundred year history and appears to have distribution an manufacturing facilities in the United States with a focus on licensed Unilock pavers and interlocking concrete products an hardscapes.