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Morocco Still Struggling After Rare 6.8 Magnitude Earthquake As Hope For Survivors Lessons.

Morocco – North Africa – Morocco was dealt a blow with the largest deadly earthquake since 1960. The 6.8 magnitude earthquake coupled with confusion on the ground has led to desperate search and rescues since the event struck on Friday.

Although help has been pledged, some on site, and ready from countries and agencies across the globe authorities have struggled with enacting or delegating causing frustrations among citizens coping with trauma and in some cases performing search and rescues personally with the bare hands and the little tools they have.

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Damage although throughout the regions from historic mosques to eateries the worst concentration is in the higher mountain regions that hit the poorer less economically feasible areas with already weak structural designs and most homes and buildings are constructed of mud brick (aka adobe) construction. The area estimates currently 3000 deaths and thousands injured.

The event also adds to the strain on the European regions resources and ports caused by storms, energy, and food supply chains. The region is also dealing with the subsequent catastrophe that has hit another North African Nation, Libya, with deadly floods.

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