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Libya Floods Caused By Storm Daniel Catastrophic For Region. 5.000 Presumed dead With Over 10,000 Missing.

Libya – North Africa, – Floods caused from Storm Daniel that also left a disastrous path through Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and Mediterranean Sea have brought painful destruction to the already battered Nation of North Africa, Libya. Already humbled from persistent corruption, geo-political division, under funded and neglected infrastructure along with a lack of sustainable environmental needs.

2 Dams located in the coastline City of Derna collapsed steam-rolling the area. When the dams south of the city collapsed, analysts claimed that all of the country’s problems—political polarization, economic instability, corruption, environmental degradation, and crumbling infrastructure—seemed to combine into one calamity. Days before to the inundation, an earthquake in Morocco, another country in North Africa, claimed more than 2,900 lives.

Another event adding to the expanding resources needed in the region and Europe. Expect increased delays and strained resources including shipping, flights and or living arrangements. People should delay or refrain from adding to undue resources of redirection needed or add to the strain on rescue personnel.

Some reporting and or videos from other news outlets are below with sources:

Source World Meteorological Organization (WMO) The Gaurdian ABC News




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