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Bylt: OS – Social Construction OS & Universal DOT/CSI/BIM API

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Bylt: News is a participate and product of AGGRECOST’s Bylt: OS Beta Program. Bylt: News has developed a beta application as well as Employee and Corporate Profiles within the Bylt: OS – Social Construction OS & Universal DOT/CSI/BIM API. It is also important to note that Bylt: News runs independtly, eithicly and unbiased with regards to it’s affiliation.

Bylt: OS is a central open source based operating system which uses proprietary api’s integrated with CSI Masterformat, U.S. DOT, & State DOT Code Numbers for global API operations including BIM feed alerts and or 3rd party standalone software api integrations while still giving the user a centralized login and platform that utilizes the Bylt: OS Universal CSI/BIM API.

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