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Potential For United Auto Workers Union Strike Grows For Next Week, Increases To EV and Auto Costs expected

United States Of America – A potential for a strike effecting American auto manufacturer’s is gaining higher probabilities as the stand off date approaches. Union workers and manufacturer’s have been struggling to come together on or reach agreements.

Variables for workers such as increased living expenses and manufacturer supply chain robotics and AI take a bite into possible retirements including living wages and the quantity of workers in the future make leverage argumentative for the Auto Workers.

With EV’s slowly taking over the retooling of factory floors and supply chains is leaving enough undefinable variables for the future of the Auto Workers. Each EV vehicle requires less labor and higher productivity amongst a lower employment number, worrying future compensation planning for the Auto Workers including near term, retirement an healthcare of future.

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United Auto Workers union strike expected next week. Eye On potentially increased EV car prices To Be Weighed

146,000 employees in the United Auto Workers union could go on strike at the end of next week against the big three carmakers, Ford, GM and Stellantis

Updates as released and monitored will be updated.

Source United Auto Workers
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