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United Auto Workers Begin Strike At All Big 3 Auto Makers

United States Of America – United Auto Workers have begun their strike as of just after midnight as the deadline for negotiations has passed. The United Autoworkers have been trying to find common ground with most of the auto manufacturers in the United States. The other manufacturers not involved will be watching closely.

The stakeholders, GM, Chrysler ( Stellantis ), Ford & UAW, have failed to come together on a mutual understanding or good faith. The UAW although entitles to such worker rights and wages has also had stronger than usual demands. Some demands which have struggled with the stakeholders such as the required 32 Hour work week by the UAW have come off as unreasonable to manufacturers.

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President Joe Biden‘s interventions and mediation’s through Labor Day to the deadline also have failed for a reasonable compromise between the automakers and President of UAW. Talks have continued to break down with strong vocal opposition of the workers as the strike begins.

Ford, General Motors and Chrysler maker Stellantis now have to grasp the first strike since 2019. Auto manufacturing sites at the GM site in Wentzville, Missouri; a Stellantis center in Toledo, Ohio; and a Ford assembly facility in Wayne, Michigan are already effected.

The UAW through workers and the Union President, Shawn Fain, has stated the facility list will grow with negotiation delays within a strategy as the strike begins leaving unknowns for the extent of the strikes at this time.

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