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3D Printer On Robotic Tracked Chasis Hits Production In AEC Industries Located At Israeli Firm

Isreal - Reports from the Jerusalem Post states that, Ackerstein Industries, based in Israel, is expanding its pioneering efforts into 3D concrete printing. Ackerstein Industries is a pioneer in developing "proprietary" eco-friendly concrete solutions for infrastructure and industrial projects with a focus on what appears to be recycled mix ins,

Cyber-sickness and New Research

United States of Americia - A recent study from researchers at the University of Maryland, have discovered that between 30-80% of users experience nausea and disorientation from the intensity of virtual reality (VR). The researchers recorded the brain activity of VR users’ though electroencephalography (EEG) to observe and better understand


2023 STEM Opportunities – With Technology And The Economy Rapidly Evolving Learn More About Programs Available To You. From Funding, Education & Workforce Training To Internships.

STEM opportunities are sweeping the nation and so are rapid job fulfillment needs. Critical educational needs for the next generation workforce and technology initiatives. With new technology comes new development, maintenance and other new programs, skills, materials, jobs and emerging markets not seen before. BYLT™ has put together some

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST): researchers have successfully constructed grids which contain small clumps of atoms known as quantum dots

United States of America - At the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), researchers have successfully constructed grids which contain small clumps of atoms known as Quantum Dots. There, scientists have studied what happens when electrons are incorporated into these atomic islands. Observing how electrons react in such simple

Learn A Little Bit About GEO WEEK 2023

Denver, Colorado - Geo Week is the intersection of geospatial + the built world. The event brings together AEC Next Expo & Conference, SPAR 3D Expo & Conference and the International Lidar Mapping Forum into a single powerhouse event. Co-located partner events include USIBD, ASPRS, MAPPS Annual Meeting. Industries covered include


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