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Hawaii Department of Transportation & i-Probe Announce Pilot Program For New Rideability Data


HONOLULU, HAWAII – The Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) has announced a new pilot program with i-Probe Inc to test connected automobile hardware and software technologies. On Monday, June 20, 2022, Governor David Ige, Hawaii Department of Transportation Director Jade Butay, and Masamichi Watanabe, President and CEO, i-Probe Inc., signed a Memorandum of Understanding granting HDOT access to i-customized Probe’s inspection vehicle and data through June 23, 2023.

Data collected by i-Probe Inc. can be compared to HDOT data to validate transportation trends that can be used to plan road maintenance and improvements. The data collected by the i-Probe customized inspection vehicle is accessible via a proprietary cloud site that includes a mobile connection, data collection, and analysis.

“This pilot is very interesting to me as it represents an opportunity for our daily drives to feed straight back into a system for improvement. Through the operation of the customized inspection vehicle, HDOT will be able to quickly gather information on the rideability of our roads in away that was not possible even a couple of years ago.”

– Governor David Ige

“The i-Probe customized inspection vehicle will make it easy and unobtrusive to collect the rideability
data that we report to the Federal Highways Administration,” –  “We’re looking forward to testing and validating the data and the possibilities for improving the way we maintain state highways this opens up.”

Hawaii Department of Transportation Director Jade Butay.

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The goal of this pilot is to provide HDOT with a new technology based on pre-installed sensors in general vehicles for monitoring pavement roughness and automatically recording it with location data. Whether those vehicles will be state DOT vehicles or public citizens vehicles remains unseen. Currently the data is being turned over to ESRI databases.

The company mentioned it’s own plans for furthering data collection collaboration with automakers as well. In collaboration with a major automaker, i-Probe Inc. would like to solve societal problems by utilizing big data from connected cars with it’s first order of business being a service that allows connected cars to inspect the roughness of the pavement in real time for routing.

iProbe is headquartered just outside Washington, D.C. and this pilot and others come as big tech races for control and deployment of iOT devices, data control and platforms.

Major players involved in nearly 100% of these pilots with the government and municipalities within this space are Google & ESRI. There is growing concerns over this due to the overwhelming losses in privacy, tracking, revenue losses, and security issues that have been aggravated and aggregating over the years where it has shown lack of proper protocols for data access and distribution of creating greater disparities between small business an U.S. citizens.

Source HDOT iProbe




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