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United States Largest Solar Farm Gears Up For It’s $1.5B Construction

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Indiana, United States Of America – Doral Renewables, an Israeli firm, has begun its work in the United States constructing the country’s largest solar energy farm: Mammoth Solar. 

            The farm is expected to cover 13,000 acres across Starke and Pulaski county lines in Indiana. The designated site for establishing the solar panels sits in rural land approximately 50 miles southwest of South Bend.

Partnering with American Electric Power to improve the company’s renewable energy capacity, the project has obtained a set budget of $1.5 billion.

            The State of Indiana Government hosted a ceremony to immortalize the opening of the new construction site with Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb at the scene. Over 500 jobs will come as a result of the solar farm’s construction and once fully operational, the site will employ 50 new full-time employees.

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            It is anticipated that Mammoth Solar will become partially functional by mid-2023 to which it will, during that time, start off producing 400 megawatts of electricity. Such energy is enough to power over 75,000 households.

            Mammoth Solar will have a collective amount of 2.85 million solar panels and will be fully operational by 2024. It will, at that point, generate 1.65 gigawatts of electricity.

            Currently, the world’s largest solar panel farm is the 2.245-GW Bhadla Solar Park in India which spans 14,000 acres. The Australian firm, Sun Cable, is in the process of building an immense infrastructure project which will stretch a whooping 29,652acres, sending power to Singapore through the utilization of an undersea cable.

            The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change frightening report regarding the effects of climate change and with the COP26 conference which occurred this month, more large renewable infrastructure projects are predicted to be on the horizon.




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