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Proposal Bids

INVITATION FOR BIDS BY THE PHILADELPHIA GAS WORKS RFP # 34218,34219,34220,34221 PGW is seeking proposals for qualified contractors to; PROVIDE ARCHITECTURAL GENERAL CONSTRUCTION SERVICES (RFP 34218),ELECTRICAL SERVICES (RFP 34219), MECHANICAL HVAC SERVICES (RFP 34220) AND PLUMBING SERVICES (RFP 34221) IN CONNECTION WITH THE INTERIOR RENOVATIONS OF THE PGW 800 W. MONTGOMERY AVENUE BUILDING. PLEASE VISIT PGW.PROCUREWARE.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION An exact time, date and place for the mandatory teleconference and proposal due date will be listed on the RFP documents. MBE / WBE participation is strongly encouraged. All jobs will require: ✔ Bonding ✔A pre-proposal meeting


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