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Sri Lanka, Afghanistan Both Seek Supply, Food & Support

SRI LANKA & AFGHANISTAN – Following recent tragic events in both Sri Lanka and Afghanistan both countries are in need of supplies, economic and business support. Sri Lanka has been battling internal political corruption and rapid inflation coupled with the aggravation from the Russian invasion of Ukraine and its effects on global food chain interruptions and energy scarcity. The country has plead for fuels and food. Fuel is expected to be depleted within days and officials will have to shutter schools without a backbone infrastructure.

An earthquake in Afghanistan has left over 1,000 people dead and 2000 injured. Over 10,000 homes have been destroyed. Impeding threats of disease and other outbreaks are causing anguish and pain. The area is prone to disaster and under stress. CNN reported the following quotes:

“The people are extremely needy for food and clean water,” Afghanistan’s health ministry spokesperson Sharafat Zaman said, adding officials had managed medicines for now but handling those who had lost their homes would be a challenge.

“We ask the international community, humanitarian organizations to help us for food and medicine, the survivors might catch diseases because they don’t have proper houses and shelters for living,” he said.

Source Reuters CNN
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