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Ports, Rails, Truckers, UPS, FedEx To Run 24/7 -Biden

In a afternoon televised press meeting President Joe Biden said collaborative talks between stakeholders and the President's "Supply Chain Task Force" were a success. The stakeholders, consisting of, UPS, FEDEX, Teamsters, Port Unions, The Task Force, and other major players in the fields. A much needed promise as holidays approach. The moves

Ports To Extend Hours As Blame Game Drama Extends. Biden To Hold Meetings With Stakeholders Today

Washington, D.C. - At ports across the country the blame game widens at union controlled ports the U.S. supply chain is broken. Union workers at the ports have been blaming the private sector and truckers while truckers and the private sectors are complaining that the Unions are not doing their part. Biden has scheduled meetings this afternoon

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