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Volvo Launches All Electric Construction Equipment Product Lineup

Eskilstuna, Sweden – Volvo Construction Equipment of Sweden yesterday announced that the company is ready for the current economic and environmental climate at hand. The company has risen to the challenge with it’s launch of a full electric construction equipment suite. The company has announced you can now pre-order from their site.

The company boasts the new product line offers zero exhaust emissions from use, low operating noise, reduced energy costs and more. The line offers mini-excavators ranging from 3,891 lbs – 6,129 lbs and mini-loaders ranging from 9,921 lbs – 11,199 lbs.

Welcome to the realm of cutting-edge gear. A world in which creativity, hard effort, and technological innovation will pave the way for a cleaner, smarter, and more connected future.

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Volvo states that a successful business is one that is sustainable, which is why they are excited to offer the Volvo L25 Electric, the first in a new line of electric compact wheel loaders.
The Volvo L25 Electric combines the proven Volvo compact wheel loader chassis with battery power to deliver all of the capabilities you need while emitting zero tailpipe emissions and producing extremely minimal noise.

The L25 Electric not only benefits communities as a whole, but it also opens up new commercial potential for your company, especially if you work in environmentally sensitive locations. Because of its low noise level, the machine can be used at any time and in any location, including at night in populated regions. When operating indoors, zero emissions also eliminates the need for costly fume extraction devices.

About the L25 Volvo Compact Wheel Loader

Depending on the climate and workload at hand, the L25 Electric 1.25 cubic yard loader can provide up to 6 hours of active work each charge. Simply talk to your dealer to see if an electric Volvo equipment is the appropriate fit for your operations. They can help you assess running time and the best charging option based on your needs.

Battery Technology
The best machines deserve the best power solutions, which is precisely what you can expect in the L25 Electric, equipped with a lithium-ion 48v battery. Simply put, this is the best technology for the job with a capacity of 40kW. What’s more,
the battery is designed to deliver up to 2500 full charge cycles, accounting for the full life expectancy of the machine.

Volvo L25 Electric Wheel Loader Brochure Download

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About The Volvo ECR25 Electric Excavator

The Volvo ECR25 electric excavator is a game changer in the construction industry. It’s the first in a new line of electric compact excavators that takes a tried-and-true idea and adds battery electric power, giving you all the power you need in a tiny chassis.

Other benefits beyond Volvo’s already impressive track record of support the electric excavator opens new doors for interior work and selective demolition, automatic travel speed, once a month grease, full LED lighting, no local emissions and no dust from the exhaust.

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Volvo ECR25 Electric Excavator Brochure

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