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U.S. Border Wall Construction Sites In Disaray


ARIZONA, U.S.A- Border Wall Construction along The Yaqui Ridge Trail located in Arizona’s Coronado National Memorial, is home of abandoned construction sites. This location hosts unfinished plans of border development between the U.S. and Mexico originally set in place by former President Donald Trump.

      Boston University’ WBUR has performed an onsite visit along with interviews which show in detail some issues plauging ther region. Watch the video below for WBUR’s investigative on site report.

Whats In The WBUR Report?

Current President Joe Biden has left sites like this untouched and deserted upon entering office. Biden promised a plan of resolution in regards to clearing these sites within 60 days of obtaining his presidential title. The administration is now months past the deadline and the neglected walls continue to damage the environment.

            A White House official has stated that the administration recognizes the issue but no proposal to proceed with Biden’s promise has yet to be made.

A National Park Service spokeswoman mentioned that they are allying with Customs and Border Protection to address the destructive impacts being made at Coronado National Memorial. This site remains the most affected by border construction.

Arizona’s Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge has also faced severe landscape scarring as a direct result of stranded fence manufacturing. Myles Traphagen, an employee at Wildlands Network conservation group, claims that the discarded construction scenes are deemed public safety hazards.

Although new sections of Trump’s steel border stand at 30 feet tall and are patrolled by federal agents, many areas alongside the border have been abandoned and infested with debris. Piles of rebar lay by the road and groundwater in plastic-lined retention ponds have been left untouched.

Arizona Congressman Raul Grijalva says that some of the damage appears to be irreparable. Grijalva has called the Government Accountability Office to investigate and last week, the GAO agreed to conduct a study relating to the impacts that the U.S. – Mexico border has on natural and cultural resources.

Republicans want the border construction to resume. The Trump administration has already put up a 455 mile wall between the U.S. and Mexico. A large majority of the project involved replacing already existing fences and barriers.

Mark Dannels, sheriff of Cochise County, Arizona voices that the border needs to be fixed and finished. Dannels states that with the fence not complete, with gates not put up, and with cables on the ground, cartels are easily using the disarray to their advantage.

President Biden vows to not build “another foot” of a new border wall. Traphagen claims that detonating a mountain and the surrounding habitat to finish the wall would interrupt animal migration patterns and forever alter the landscape. 

Via The Bylt Team

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