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Concrete Pour Goes Wrong On New Haven Construction Site

New Haven, Connecticut – A building which was under construction near the Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut partially collapsed on June 2, 2023, after a concrete pour went off course. City officials have reported that eight construction workers have been injured, two of which are in critical condition. No fatalities have occurred.

New Haven firefighters responded to a call on Lafayette Street at around 12:30 p.m. Fire Chief John Alston Jr. said that units came immediately, helping rescue those with broken bones and those partially buried under rubble.

Six workers were pulled out of the debris by firefighters while two managed to escape on their own. Units had an additional sense of urgency to rescue since the concrete was rapidly drying.

Firefighters used ladders and ropes to maneuver victims through the sharp and broken remains of the building. Some individuals were hoisted out of deep holes in rescue baskets and others were pulled out of the building’s side.

The workers have informed authorities that the concrete was being poured faster than it was able to spread, resulting in the concrete being concentrated in one area. Mayor Justin Elicker stated that as workers were pouring the concrete, a section of the second floor fell onto the first floor, which eventually collapsed into the basement.

A medical assistant working in the neighboring building, witnessed the rescues and stated they had heard the crash, and people jumped up and a frantic, emotional and scary situation. “It was crazy.

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The concrete equipment was still running after the collapse, causing the mixture to fall onto the injured workers in the hole.

All 36 workers who were at the work site during the time of the collapse have been accounted for. Canines were later brought onto the scene to search the building for any other individuals.

The property is owned by Yale and is being developed into a seven-story, 112 unit residential building by RMS Companies. RMS Companies, based in Stamford, Connecticut, builds “upscale, modern apartments and luxurious boutique hotels” as claimed on their website. Before the collapse, the building was only two stories high with two parking levels underground.

Elicker has stated that there will be a major investigation regarding the incident. RMS is currently not commenting on the building’s collapse at this time.

Investigators from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration have already visited the scene. New Haven city officials are proposing to issue a stop work order until the site is deemed safe once more.

Alston stated that city emergency officials have been discussing situations regarding building collapses in response to the partial collapse of an apartment building in Davenport, Iowa on Sunday which left three people missing. Alston stated he was proud of the excellent work and cooperation conducted by the New Haven firefighters and the city officials during the harrowing conditions of the building collapse.

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