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Interested Construction and Engineering Firms

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) will soon be seeking to retain a Contractor
consisting of a Construction firm and a Design firm to execute a Design-Build Contract for the design and
construction of State Project No. 0156-0181: Replacement of Bridge Nos. 00161 and 00162, Interstate 95
over Route 745 (First Avenue) and Metro North Railroad in the City of West Haven, Connecticut.

The Project scope will include but not be limited to: Design and construction of bridge replacement;
Retaining walls; Interstate highway widening; Full depth pavement; Drainage; Guiderail and median
barrier improvements; Illumination and incident management systems; Overhead and VMS sign
structures; Highway signing; Pavement markings; Traffic signal modification and replacement;
Maintenance and protection of traffic; Culvert inspection and rehabilitation; Geotechnical engineering
related to compressible soils; Environmental and water resource permitting; Design/construction quality

The solicitation will be open to all construction contractors prequalified by CTDOT for Group No. 9 –
Intermediate Bridges, who qualify for Scope Code “O”. The Contractor is hereby notified that a Project
Labor Agreement (PLA) is not required as part of this Contract.

Construction firms interested in participating in the selection process that do not hold the
prequalification stated above with CTDOT should initiate the prequalification process as soon as
possible. There are no specific CTDOT prequalification requirements for the Consulting Engineering
firms for this solicitation. The qualifications of the Consultant Engineering firms will be evaluated
during the selection process.

On the anticipated advertisement date of May 25, 2022, the Design-Build Procurement Request for
Qualifications (RFQ) solicitation letter will be posted on the Department of Administrative Services
(DAS) State Contracting Portal (new CTSource Bid Board). A link is provided below to the CTSource
Bid Board. The RFQ solicitation letter will direct interested parties to to
obtain/download all RFQ documents. The Department is planning to use for the
RFQ and RFP solicitations and the related contractor submission process.

The RFQ documents will detail the requirements of the qualification phase of the project selection process.
If there are any questions or issues related to obtaining the necessary documents, please inquire by emailing
the question to

Connecticut Department of Transportation
An Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer



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