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The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) will soon be seeking to retain a Contractorconsisting of a Construction firm and a Design firm to execute a Design-Build Contract for the design andconstruction of State Project No. 0156-0181: Replacement of Bridge Nos. 00161 and 00162, Interstate 95over Route 745 (First Avenue) and…

Asphalt Prices & Supply Hold Steady, For Now.

United States Of America - A BYLT:™ survey of asphalt plants located in Boston, Rhode Island, Connecticut and California reported that plants have a steady supply and prices ranged from $80-$98 per ton of HMA. Despite increases in raw materials and port bottlenecks on all coasts asphalt prices have remained steady for the end user contractor.


U.S. Dept of Transportation Announces First Ever “INFRA EXTRA” $1 Billion Construction Project List

The United States Department of Transportation has announced the first-ever INFRA Extra Project Designations, which will assist in funding dozens of priority projects in communities around the country. WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. D.O.T. said today that the Biden-Harris Administration will designate 44 projects around the country as INFRA Extra,

MODUMATE Launches it’s Real-Time Cloud Collaborative Architectural Design Feature

San Francisco, CA- Modumate a company at the forefront of real-time BIM design collaboration brings a real-time gaming approach to workflows. Built on the Unreal Engine gaming and 3D first platform the Modumate cloud app brings a completely unique approach to the AEC industries BIM world and will most likely appeal to the new generations entering


Inflation and Mounting shortages Are delaying Construction Of Infrastructure In Maine As The Trends Are Popping Up Across The United States

United States of America- So far this year, the Maine Department of Transportation has rejected bids on at least 15 projects because the contractors' bids were significantly higher than the department's budget. Maine DOT has canceled 17 percent of its paving projects for the year as inflation ate sustainability out of production to cost ratio.

U.S. D.O.T. Announces Expanded Pilot Programs for Local Hire and Workforce Development

WASHINGTON – U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg today announced expanded construction hiring and workforce development pilot programs to be managed by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Federal Transit Administration (FTA). Buttigieg made the announcement at an event at the



BYLT & The Portfolio Of Partners Is Happy To Say It Has Been Acquired For Expansion. We Will Be On Break While The Move And Upgrade To New Infrastructure & Portfolio Products And Companies That Have Been Completed Over The Years Begin To Roll Out While Regulatory Approvals Finalize .

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