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The Great Lego Project Ideas In Solar And Renewable Projects


Lego and Lego Lovers have something in common. Renewables and Sustainability. Great projects have been coming to Lego’s idea spaces. From Solar farms to wind mills. More and more great fun projects keep coming. It is always great to see fun and educational products to use at home, work or in the classroom.

by user CFlego

These projects will continually bring smiles to kids faces all while learning new things and ideas further pushing the minds of imagination.

Renewable Energies

This project built by CFLego  tackles three important renewable energy sources: Hydro Dams, Solar Farms and Wind Turbines. The project encompasses 498 pieces.

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Solar Farm

The Solar Farm by By NokomisRob is a fun project that includes a beautiful greenery and worker environment. The worker is tending to panels in this cool build.

The Sustainable Solar House

Sustainable Design anyone? This project By Alexis Issaharoff is detailed in sustainability design and has no shortage of ideas. A combination of solar powered utility poles, roof solar and a wind turbine turn the energy on this project. It even boasts a few electric vehicles. Unfortunately it is still using s bitumen based asphalt driveway. lol 🙂

Source LEGO Ideas

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