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Bylt://™ Offshore™ – A Digital xD™ Series Focusing On Emerging Markets In Aquaculture, Marine and Offshore Energy. Available Via Your Bylt™ Passport™ On The BYLT™ SOS™ Social Operating System & It’s Partner Freemium Sites

Salmon farm located in Norway. Credit By Andrey Armyagov

Bylt://™ Offshore™

Bylt’s digital xD™ is a first of It’s Kind for media, Models, Assets And More Via interactive & immersive Products Through It’s emerging markets.

The series will be available via your Bylt™ Passport™ in xD™ delivered by the bylt™ SOS™ (Social Operating System & Modular Economic Infrastructure™)

A new form Of Multilateral Protocol Dubbed “Hybrid Intralized Interplanetary Protocol” (HIIP™)

Social & Economic Systems built on interacting fuse points and tracking via Spatial, Geo-Spatial, Telematics and devices that interact with products or materials that utilize material/asset finger printing as well as aggregated sources and technology including propriety in-line blockchain algorithms and feeds that allows files and assets to communicate within a native secure communications and transactional functional environment.

Interactive and Immersive Insight XR collaborative project or program management with events that pertain to your work or needs. Projects or assets with alerts, recalls, critical path method scheduling, life cycle management, resource management, work forces and sub costs as well as create teams. Hire prescreened and certified contactors instantly from the scheduling, gannt, CPM or task system. Enjoy multiple views like XR etc including mesh, material layers and views.

Need a lawyer or other professional for anything? Or any product including a digital twin file for modular design or ordering. Get analytics on geo-inventory, how many jobs and quantities the product or company is specified on a project and once selected simply bring them securely on demand per your requirements without leaving the platform or on premise holistically and adapts to any workflow – simply pick the most qualified responsive candidate, service or product and its added to the schedule, budget, accounting and to the workflow, task, delivery or assignment for SOW

Host your assets, portfolio and assets live, BIM Models, Digital Twins and .bylt component files for design and specifying.

Not a Architectural, Engineer, Constuction, OEM, MFG or Distributor?

Check out our same apps and aggregated qualifications, industry codes and experience per user, product and services for your field. Simply swipe to your field and or vertical in our easily navigated UI. Whether journalists, geo-political and supply chain, monitor risks and financial news. Have a different department or business? Code development and ip supply chain collaborative project management including private code source management without the need of outside GitHub and version control including no need for bug tracking, billing, sprints and everything you need. Hospitals and and Durable Medical Goods, Law Firms and discovery, with more and more apps everyday.

Apps and real time collaborative office applications and more including in depth reporting by spatial insights, layers, earth materials-based layers and materials and raw materials fingerprinting , injectables, Tags, Additives or Natural Fingerprinting for etickets and Chain Of Custody.

  • Our property record recording Service called gChain works With Property Record clerks offices – recording and syncing.
  • Host Interchangeable and interoperable inventories, employees, data, digital twins, models and components.
  • Add your Buildings To The Platform connecting to the digital Bylt grid to handle deliveries, access control, sales, property management and more.
  • Factory line product market entry, tracking, distribution and sales,
  • Switch layers, segments, Industry, natural events, geopolitical risks, handle supply chain and materials management with access to live inventory, employees, contractors and assets with filters to gain insights and views throughout market segments and verticals while evolving circular economy best practices and tracking, bidding and procuring holistically. You can lose many of the apps and IT costs you have. You won’t need apps like Microsoft, Exchange, Dropbox, Quickbooks, Office, Sage, ERP, CRM, Benefits, Payroll, Banking and Insurance.


Oyster Farm Aquaculture 1 scaled


The Offshore™ program was commissioned in 2020. Since then, development and Program Managment – PgM™ by AGGRECOST™ who started with R&D and specification development including design modifications while being as responsibly sustainable as possible to begin responsible constructing of the purpose-built vessels.


The interactive and digital media will focus on bringing you a new view inside exciting, passionate and emerging markets at the forefront of offshore wind projects across the world including the latest alternatives to wind turbines including new hybrid energy generation equipment, storage and transmission already in the pipeline.

We will take a look at the industries custom equipment, vessels and offshore rigging, emerging products and the people that get it done.

As America and its allies around the world look to balance energy sources responsibly, control emissions and combat other responsibilities that are now greater than ever. We will take you on a ride to see the current “all of the above options” spanning the globe as well as emerging technologies.

The Offshore™ program will also bring the new era evolving world of Aquaculture emerging markets to users, students and enthusiasts. Aquaculture is vocabulary word that is morphing from aquatic organisms for food research, algae controls and protecting water life, natural resource monitoring and lifecycle research to even more innovative additives in products.

Aquaculture, Aquafarming and new real time technology play a key roll in the face of new Marine Based ecological threats, assist in cultivating and monitoring of organisms as well as monitor fishery and shellfish health, industries, risks and production.

A Salmon Farm In Norway – Credit by By Andrey Armyagov

Aquaculture and emerging research is playing a major role not only within the fish, whale, shellfish industry and micro plastics. Research is leading to new and responsible products such as an article just posted recently called “Would You Like Some More Shrimp With That Cement?”   The research shows and emphasis on new and sustainable bi-products or processing that can turn waste products or renewables into viable and safe additives such as biopolymers you can use everyday with a wide area of products that can be developed from further research including biopolymer-based batteries and or responsible salt batteries from sustainable to renewable desalination treated sea salt as well as other components needed with biopolymers. 

The research team crafted nanocrystals and nanofibers of chitin from waste shrimp cells. These particles are the second most abundant biopolymer in the world. When pieces of chitin were added to cement paste, the ending product was approximately 40% stronger than ordinary concrete. They explain that these chitin are 1,000 times smaller than a human hair.

New and emerging process engineering opportunities cover new and emerging aquaculture fields, scientific research that will help the environment and health of all. Including offshore renewable construction and maritime construction projects bettering the environment and responsible balance of energy distribution. The program will cover maritime renewable construction including other emerging markets like aquaculture, advanced emerging renewable energy projects on the East Coast and worldwide.

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