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Inflation Rate Year Over Year

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Washington D.C. – Annual inflation in the United States fell to 5.3 percent in August, matching market expectations, from a 13-year high of 5.4 percent reported in June and July.

The cost of used vehicles and trucks (31.9 percent vs. 41.7 percent in July) and transportation services (4.6 percent vs. 6.4 percent ) decreased, while inflation remained stable for shelter (2.8 percent ) and clothes (4.6 percent vs. 6.4 percent ). (4.2 percent ).

On the other hand, food prices increased more rapidly (3.7 percent vs 3.4 percent ), specifically food consumed at home (3 percent vs 2.6 percent ) and food consumed away from home (4.7 percent vs 4.6 percent ); new vehicles (7.6 percent vs 6.4 percent ); energy (25 percent vs 23.8 percent ); used cars and trucks (31.9 percent vs 41.7 percent ); and medical care services (1 percent vs 0.8 percent ).

Monthly inflation fell to 0.3 percent from 0.5 percent in July, beating expectations of 0.4 percent. Airline fares, used automobiles and trucks, and motor vehicle insurance all decreased in price throughout the month, while gasoline, domestic furnishings and operations, food, and shelter all increased.

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