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Heat Levels, Air Quality Continue Wreaking Havoc Across The Nation

United States Of America – Heat Levels and Air Quality remain wreaking havoc across the nation. From the Midwest, & lower Southern States and as far as the North East Region of USA and reaching even Canada and other usually none prone regions.

Air quality continues to reappear along with instability in permeability of soil conditions including optimal fire, wind and electrical grid hazards.

Seeing the closing of schools in New Jersey to issues in San Antonio, Texas which is seeing a record setting aggregation of 100-degree+ days so far reaching 21 days this year in a row that has not been seen since the John F. Kennedy Administration in 1963. Parents to workers have to make precautions or be prepared for new plans and schedules.

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Wildfires have been at optimal and hazard conditions coupled with other natural disasters and the hurricane season. Use caution and monitor for storms, flash flooding, air quality impairments and schedule interruptions and delays. Stay tuned to local alerts and resources below or app/OS.