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Invitation To Bid

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1/26/2023 7368496 NOTICE OF DISSOLUTIONANDNOTICE TO CREDITORSTHREE SHORT FILMS INC Notice is hereby given, pursuant to Section 33-887 of the Connecticut Business Corporation Act as amended, that Three Short Films Inc, a Connecticut corporation having its principal place of business in Glastonbury, Connecticut, was dissolved on December 28, 2022 pursuant to resolutions of the Board of Directors and the Shareholders. A Certificate of Dissolution was filed with the Secretary of the State of Connecticut as required by law on December 28, 2022.All persons with claims against the dissolved corporation are hereby requested to present their claims by mail to the following mailing address: c/o Craig Jenest, 930 High St, Fairfield CT 06824-4023. Each claim shall contain (i) the name, address, and telephone number of the claimant, (ii) the amount of the claim, (iii) the basis for the claim, (iv) the date on which the claim arose, (v) the person(s) authorized to give further information about the claim, and (vi) copies of any pertinent documents relating to the claim. All claims against the dissolved corporation will be barred in accordance with Section 33-887 of the Connecticut General Statutes unless proceedings to enforce them are commenced within three (3) years after the publication of this Notice.Dated at Fairfield, Connecticut 12th day of January, 2023.

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