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Legal Notice # 21650633 Invitation to Bidders BOARD OF

Legal Notice # 21650633
Invitation to Bidders
Springs Union Free School District
PUBLIC NOTICE: is hereby given for separate sealed bids for the: Roof Replacement and Playground Reconstruction at the Springs School. Bids will be received by the School District, until May 20th, 2021 at 11:30 a.m. in the Business Office at 48 School Street, East Hampton, NY 11937. (If bids are being mailed please send them to Springs UFSD attention Michael Henery, School Business Official at 48 School Street, East Hampton, NY 11937. The envelope should clearly state “Bid for Roof Replacement Project – Do Not Open until May 20, 2021”)
The public opening of the bid will be held on May 20th, 2021 at 11:30am prevailing time; however, it will be held by way of video conference, log-in and password details to follow via addendum, at which time sealed bids will be publicly opened and read aloud.
The Contract Documents may be examined at the Office of the Architect, BBS Architects, Landscape Architects and Engineers, P.C., 244 East Main Street, Patchogue New York, (631-475-0349); however, the Contract Documents may only be obtained through the Office of REV, 330 Route 17A Suite #2, Goshen, New York 10924 (877-272-0216) beginning on April 29th, 2021. Complete digital sets of Contract Documents shall be obtained online (with a free user account) as a download for a non-refundable fee of Forty-Nine Dollars ( 49.00)at the following websites: or under ‘public projects’. Optionally, in lieu of digital copies, hard copies may be obtained directly from REV upon a deposit of One Hundred Dollars ( 100.00) for each complete set. Checks for deposits shall be made payable to SPRINGS UNION FREE SCHOOL DISTRICT and may be uncertified. All bid addenda will be transmitted to registered plan holders via email and will be available at the above referenced websites. Any bidder requiring documents to be shipped shall make arrangements with the printer and pay for all packaging and shipping costs. Plan holders who have obtained hard copies of the bid documents will need to make the determination if hard copies of the addenda are required for their use, and coordinate directly with the printer for hard copies of addenda to be issued. There will be no charge for registered plan holders to obtain hard copies of the bid addenda. The bid deposit for hard copies will be returned upon receipt of plans and specifications, in good condition, within thirty days after bid date, except for the lowest responsible bidder, whose check will be forfeited upon the award of the contract.
The Contract will be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder or the proposals will be rejected within 45 days of the date of opening proposals. Bids shall be subject, however, to the discretionary right reserved by the School District to waive any informalities, accept or reject any alternatives, reject any proposals and to advertise for new proposals, if in its opinion the best interest of the School District will thereby be promoted.
Each bid shall remain open for 45 days after the formal opening thereof. At any time prior to the bid opening date, a bidder may withdraw his bid by requesting the bid withdrawal in writing.
Springs Union Free School District
Dated: April 20th 2021

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