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LEGAL NOTICENOTICE TO BIDDERSFOR SNOW PLOWINGSERVICE 2021-2022SEASONNOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Bloomington Fire District is currently soliciting bids for the upcoming Winter seasons 2021-2022 for their property at 14 Taylor Street, Bloomington, and 34 Sawdust Road, Binnewater. Specifications for this service are as follows: Bloomington Fire Station: If less than two inches or more than one half inch falls, the bays and parking lot must be cleared. After two inches of snow has fallen, engine bays and parking areas must be plowed; cleared every two inches that accumulates. The sidewalks and shed pad, fuel tank, water fill area and generator access must be cleared after each storm. The side walk and bay areas are to be salted with magic salt provided by the Fire District. In the event of any ice storm, salt is to be applied to the bay area, parking lot and walk ways. Binnewater Station is the same excluding the fuel area and generator. Please direct questions to Chief Joseph Hafner, Jr. at Submit completed bids to: BLOOMINGTON FIRE DISTRICT, P.O. BOX 109, BLOOMINGTON, NY 12411 or Bids will be opened at the Bloomington Fire District Commissioners’ meeting on October 13, 2021, 7:00pm, Bloomington Firehouse, 14 Taylor Street. Bloomington, NY. The Bloomington Fire District reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to accept the bid best suited for its needs. Bids will be binding for the Winter Season 2021-2022 as specified in the contract. Date:September 21, 2021Mary Lou Fugazzi,SecretaryBoard of FireCommissionersBloomington FireDistrict9/23/2021#NY0033936



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