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The Metaverse, Digital Twins, Air Rights And Rights Of Ways. The Next Legal Hurdles To Unfold Facing The Energy, Communications, Supply Chain And Materials Management Industries

By metamorworks

United States Of America – As the air rights fly off the shelf at a record pace both in space and on the ground all eyes will be on the rapid pace of corporations and the outcomes. As technology evolves and mentalities of industry continue with the same competitiveness of old will this result in another cluster f$*k?

Highways, Bridges, Sidewalks and Peoples Property? Who has the right to send waves into you house? Why cant you? Is a contagion of waves going to cause problem after problem as the foundational products needed for a new industry and technology still have yet to earn their stripes, nor the product managers.

Digital Twins for an example – or – a virtual you may have the same rights as you. Use a sidewalk, use a road, fly or whatever you currently do now and the associated legal rights you have.

Roads are space. Defined by volume and mass even though 2 dimensional. Air rights continue infinitely vertically. Nobody can be denied access.

Law of privilege would carry over with violations noted and past use or abuses taken in to account resulting in revocation of said rights similar to that of a drivers license or in line with the FCC current rule books.

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As entities begin to gain rights by the day and the digitization and electrification spreads new problems, and future forward thinking is required by today’s planners to avoid the constant cycle of problems plaguing not only the United States but the world.

State and Federal Transportation Laws and DMV’s although can communicate mostly still don’t have the same laws. Not only does this cause a security risk nationally it is also dangerous.

Privacy rights, health and safety of people and assets will be the number 1 priority going forward and proper investigative planning and research will be the forefront of this new world.

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AI(Artificial Intelligence) concept.

By metamorworks