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NorthEast Maglev Rail Gets Hard Push Of Support From Unions, Business Leaders & Workers

NorthEast Maglev

Baltimore, Maryland- Monday afternoon on July 12th, construction union members, workers, and business leaders congregated in Baltimore to rally for acceptance of the proposed high-speed train between Baltimore to D.C.

Speakers at the gathering urged political leaders to authorize the creation of the Northeast Maglev train which is anticipated to propagate 9,000 jobs, increase tourism, and generate millions of dollars of revenue for the economy.

Modeled from Japan’s superconducting magnetic levitation technology, the Northeast Maglev rail could generate a 15 minute trip between Baltimore and the nation’s capital. Further talk suggests the speculation of expanding the railway into New York City allowing a one hour ride from D.C. to America’s most populated city.

The Federal Railroad Administration will either approve or reject the Maglev project. If approved, groundbreaking for the train could begin as early as late 2022. Baltimore City has previously asked the federal government to not move forward with the plan citing concerns in regards to equity and disastrous environmental impacts.

Baltimore director for the Baltimore-DC Metro Building and Construction Trades Council, Jermaine Jones, has stated that the city “can’t afford” to lose another major project which would all in all serve as beneficial to the city and its people. Jones says the train will be a resourceful mode of transportation which will decrease unemployment.

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Miriam Summers, Vice President of the Greater Baltimore Chapter of National Action Network, claims that the Maglev train will further enhance educational and job opportunities.


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