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NOTICE TO BIDDERS Thieneman Construction, Inc., a General


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Thieneman Construction, Inc., a General Contractor, and Equal Employment Opportunity Employer is seeking certified MBE/WBE/VBE/DBE Subcontractors and Suppliers to bid the 2021 Wastewater Utility Improvements Division A-Existing Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements project in Crown Point, Indiana. The bids for this project will be due by: February 22, 2023 @ 10:00 am local time. Interested and Certified MBE/WBE/VBE/DBE Subcontractors and Suppliers should contact our estimating department via phone 317-867-3462, ext 602 or email your document requests and quotes to: Please include any bid certifications you have. Plans and Specifications may be viewed and download at no cost to you, at the offices of Thieneman Construction, Inc., 17219 Foundation Parkway, Westfield, IN 46074.

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