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Crude Oil Prices Fall

United States Of America - On Monday, WTI crude futures fell below $94 per barrel. The IEA member countries will release 60 million barrels over the next six months, with the United States matching that amount as part of its 180 million barrel release announced in March. It is unclear whether this will compensate for the shortfall in Russian crude…

Crude Oil Prices Fall Back To Earth

United States Of America - WTI crude futures rallied above $99 per barrel on Wednesday after sliding below $95 earlier in the day, but volatility is expected to persist as traders monitor progress in the Russia-Ukraine peace talks, if any, and analyze the outlook for oil demand. In a video message on Wednesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr…

Crude Oil Jumps More Than 9% In September

Washington, D.C. - On Thursday, WTI crude oil futures settled 0.3 percent higher at $75.03 a barrel, resulting in a more than 9 percent monthly gain for the month of September, the largest monthly gain since June. Chinese state-owned energy companies were ordered to secure supplies for the upcoming winter season, according to reports. This



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