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Here Is What You Can Do To Limit Oil Consumption While Helping The World

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United States Of America – Gas & Diesel price volatility has become a long lasting push and pull battle over the years. Since the United States Of America set it goals to eliminate oil imports from Russia it has implemented new laws and push towards more responsible energy sourcing, consumption and emissions.

Although the move does seem drastic it seems the time has come after decades of delays and un-kept promises. We have the technology. This technology is and will evolve rapidly over the next few years and every person and business has different variables to weigh when calculating the best approach. Some companies are cash strapped or possibly small.. they may be limited to what one may be able to accomplish in the short term beyond responsible vehicle purchasing or leasing. We put together just a few ideas about how you can help from where ever you are. The World and our European neighbors will thank you.

Citizens, Businesses & Fleet Managers

Small business leaders can take a fresh look at operating costs. Use an open mind. Check out past operating expenses, fuel costs, mpg, insurance etc. You may be able to take advantage of a trade in right now and get more money then you thought while opening the door to new vehicles with new technology like electric or Fuel cell hydrogen, Natural Gas.

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Caterpillar and many other OEM manufacturers have and offer natural gas conversion kits or DGB, Dynamic Gas Blending. These can be used on anything from construction equipment to cars, trucks and boats. You should research available market conditions and rebates both manufacturer and Government.

Small moves like this help the process. Your old vehicles can then start their journey or exporting to another end user that will either use it less or upgrade that users current models by geography or country. Every bit helps when done responsibly. Nothing is ever perfect all you have to do is try.

Data Centers, Industrial, Warehouses, Schools And Buildings

Even data centers and facilities can help. Maybe you need a new generator or can upgrade to a local or tank natural gas connection utility. This could help where at the same time provide humanitarian aid and use somewhere in the world like Ukraine. Other options could be through current design build projects in the pipeline either by specification, mandate or voluntary.

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Some use cases maybe able to remove underground or above storage tanks as well. On site solar and battery backup could be another option.

Renewables & Bio

Converting some facilities to bio fuels or renewables. Every case is a little different but with a little research and effort we will get past this.


Off the shelf logistics intelligence software and routing can create tremendous efficiencies. Fleet monitoring software and idle controls are other options.


Procurement? Yes. Take a look at suppliers and the manufacturers in your supply chains. Work together even. Cut travel times, fuel and time usage. Clean things up. Geological sourcing changes to a closer manufacturer or distributor alone can aggregate quickly.


Look for alternative products even if slightly more expensive that are made from renewables and sustainable. You may find these products in stock verses oil derived manufactured products.

There is many many available products and we just listed a few. If you have anything you would like to add or contribute please email








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