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Bids & Proposals

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Bids & Proposals


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Skippack Township 4089 Heckler Road P.O. Box 164 Skippack, PA 19474 ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS The Skippack Township Board of Supervisors will receive sealed bids for its 2022 Road Improvements Project. Interested Contractors may examine or obtain a copy of the Contract Documents during normal working hours at the Skippack Township Municipal Building, 4089 Heckler Road, Skippack, PA 19474. The fee for a copy of the contract documents is $50.00. The work along roadways will include: Collegeville Road – Landis Rd to Meetinghouse Rd/ Landis Rd Intersection Improvement Remove Storm Sewer Inlet (3EA), Remove 18â€? Storm Sewer Pipe(365LF), 18â€? HDPE Pipe or 18â€? RCP in lieu of 18â€?HDPE (500LF), 2’x4’ Inlet C Top (4EA), 2’x4’ Inlet M Top (4EA), 18â€? DW Endwall (1EA), Extended Existing Pipe 15â€? RCP (6LF), 7â€?x8â€?x18â€? Concrete Curb (134LF), 5’ Concrete Curb Taper (20LF), 4â€? Concrete ADA Ramp-Truncated Dome Panel (2EA), Saw Cut Landis Road (24LF), 1½â€? Milling- Landis Road (485SY), Leveling Course-Landis Road (50Tons), 1½â€? Overlay-Landis Road (485SY), 1½â€? Milling-Collegeville Road (13,445SY), 5â€? Base Report-Collegeville Road (100SY), Leveling Course-Collegeville Road (100Tons),1½â€? Overlay – Collegeville Road (13,445 SY) Evansburg Road – Kratz Road to Route 73 2’x4’ Inlet M Top (3EA), 4’ Storm Manhole (1EA), 18â€? DW Endwall (1EA), 18â€? HDPE Pipe or 18â€? RCP in lieu of 18â€?HDPE, (504LF), Driveway Restoration Full Depth (87SY), Roadway Restoration at Hailey Way (115SY), Reset Mail Boxes as needed (5EA), 1½â€? Milling (8,160SY) 5â€? Base Repair-25mm (100SY) 1½â€? 9.5mm Wearing Course (8,160SY), Leveling Course (50Tons), Traffic Control (1LS) Sealed bids will be received by the Township Manager until 10:00 am, Wednesday, April 13, 2022, in the Municipal Building at 4089 Heckler Road. Bids will be opened on same day at same location at approximately 10:05 am. A Mandatory Pre-bid meeting will be held in the municipal building at 4089 Heckler Road on Tuesday, April 5, 2022 at 10:00am. Bids shall be submitted in a sealed envelope and shall be marked clearly as follows: Sealed Bid – Proposal for 2022 Road Improvements Project. Requirements for a 10% Bid Bond, 100% Performance Bond, and 100% Payment Bond are included in the contract documents. Prevailing state wage rates and Public Works Employment Verification Act will apply on this project. Each bidder must deposit with his bid, security in the amount, form and subject to the conditions provided in the Instruction to Bidders. The Township of Skippack reserves the right to reject any or all bids, and to make such award as appears most advantageous to the Township. END OF DOCUMENT NTH March 24, 30 a-1

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