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Contagion Of Rail & Transport Strikes Spread Disruption As Risks Mount Again

United States of America – Possible contagion rail strikes are mounting in the US again with the blunt of strikes and protests falling over France and other European zones. Expect rapid negotiated and pre-medetated swift action from the White House task forces at a time of crisis during the actions by Russia in Ukraine and the market manipulations in collaborations with its far-right communist allies that have roiled the world of freight, maritime, natural gas, oil, crypto, energy, agriculture and the environment itself.

Any obstruction to progress and movement of any railway in these times could warrant swift legal or military action. Although the United States has yet to detain any Americans yet for non-compliance we may be witness shortly if deals are not done productively, intuitively and pro-actively before a problem occurs.

Workers rights and health concerns should be managed swiftly and responsibly to avoid further inflation triggers – and – or -challenge productivity at all costs. Workers are not pawns. They should also be educated of the risks that management decisions make in a time of crisis, war, election and or laws of obstruction otherwise that the United States of America holds when it comes to National Security and or war profiteering. It with that comes potential consequences to not only production lines, food and energy but legal action that may effect them personally.


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