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Putin In Hiding – Will Not Come Out – Using The Russian People As Cover

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WORLD / EARTH – President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is staked prominently in self defense for his brave country of Ukraine. Millions of citizens have fled for safety, a half million are children, thousands have been murdered including children by novice and confused Russian soldiers, hit-men and mercenaries. Just moments ago Russian soldiers bombarded the The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine, the largest of its kind.

Tank fired mortars are seen being shot aimlessly into the aged nuclear facility with out regard. The Nuclear protection only has limited protection from airborne projectiles and the protective cores are not designed for armor piercing ammunition. A fire has also broken out at the Nuclear facility, the confirmed extent of damage is unclear.

At the Nuclear plant service personnel and firefighters were fired upon by Russian soldiers when trying to find out the extent of risk and damage. The world is trying to figure out how to get scientists to the site safely as well during a invasion.

Controlling the environment or situation at the Nuclear site is deemed extremely delicate and extremely dire as Putin forces are also trying to damage the backup power and grids that control emergency meltdown safeguards.


Inept Personnel

He has stated today from his distant bunker on a call that “everything is going to plan” and the “worst is yet to come” in his brief talks with France’s President Emmanuel Macron.

His Plan: There Is No Plan? Hide?

Putin’s last minute change of Russian soldiers during the invasion to a new group may mean that this mission would not be tolerated by more experienced or mature soldiers, another possible reason would be that he finds these soldiers expendable as he hides from the World in a bunker with his closest associates refusing talks with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy repeatedly.

This changing of his guards appear to be one of many many mistakes in Putin’s random attacks and invasion along with mechanical, logistical and supply chain. The leader has already put almost all his forces inside the small Ukraine.

These young inexperienced soldiers and tanks have attacked the Nuclear Power plant which is at risk of being 10 times of a greater catastrophe then Chernobyl.

Russia added their most reckless mistake when they attacked the Nuclear Facility as the wind is blowing into what is now the country of Russia where the Russian citizens are as Putin hides deep in safety. Fallout will be carried by wind into Russia, not Ukraine.

The Underworld Contracts & Bounties On Putin And His Associates Heads

Contracts in the underworld and the Russian commercial sectors have began to be reported for “Putin Dead Or Alive”. Things keep getting worse and worse for Putin as well as for support administration, family, and business associates as they are now direct targets due to Putin’s war crimes and the rapidly accumulating crimes which could be in the thousands. Putin’s allies and inner circle do not appear to be as strong he thought.

The situation is quickly being seen as something similar to a murder-suicide hostage situation you would see in a civilian setting.


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The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost For Putin

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Russian Citizens Scramble To Escape Russia In Fear Of Nuclear Suicide And Putin Martial Law Coming

Thousands of Russian citizens have fled the country on any flight available to anywhere they are still allowed.

As Putin’s problems become greater and greater he has tried everything possible to make sure the Russian people and Soldiers do not understand what is going on. This is witnessed as well from the inept military follow through and communication problems as Putin has dug deeper and deeper into hiding and isolation.

The Russian currency also collapsed and is now worth less then one cent. The collapse of the economy, allies and financial markets is creating panic with Russia’s public funds and assets being rapidly seized along with Putin’s and all his associates around the world.


Cargo Ships Stuck At Sea & No Shipping Companies For Russia

Nobody will allow Russian cargo ships dock, even the unions are handling it, or any ship with Russian cargo or connections most likely wont be coming back now. If the ships are not being seized by every country they sit idle anchored waiting to be. Ships float aimlessly at see full of oil, natural gas and cargo. Canada has refused oil tankers that had to reverse course and head back towards the Americas.


Every News Reporter, Child, Mom, Sister, Brother Or Cousin

Everyone is watching and researching every property, bank account, wallet, communication, yacht, planes, jets, submarines, cargo, containers, tunnels, crypto, documents on Earth having to due with Putin and his associates. The cause has united an investigation like no other seen before.


Taking Russian War Assets Is Not Taxable Income


Respectful And Responsible Citizens And Countries Around The World Come Together

With millions of innocent children and citizens still in Ukraine which will not give up their freedom nearly 200 countries around the world and almost every person, group, agency and child has stood up to Putin and his associates. The out pour of support has ratified Ukraine, the World and is rapidly growing through the Russian Country and it’s Russian citizens.

The Kremlin has been out in a full force lock down and silencing of it’s people as Putin hides. His administration is estimated to have as many as 10,000 protesters detained. The real number can not be certified due to the fact that the Putin Administration has been deemed not credible in any sense. Groups and activists around the world are utilizing population data available to compare and track where these protesters went and end up as well.


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