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ALERT: Cyber Crimes On The Rise. Again.

United States of America – Cyber events linked to far right groups and businesses are continuing to gather identifying data on people and businesses. People and businesses should be on the look out for intercepted cyber response teams sent from insurance carriers installing end point detection.

In most cases voices match on calls and zoom’s and the party will not appear in video or zooms- just audio, but parties should not rule out even AI video or audio. They then work as the in between of data and information sharing to the far right political groups – to ensure political or civil sabotage -and reports to authorities go unanswered.

Software and access is used for data extortion and communication interference including, emergency response, obstruction of justice, extortion and censorship. In most cased the software will not do anything and the malware or access is stored on or accessed via on board chips/switches implying some level of government access.

In some cases they will use the opportunity to erase incriminating evidence previously overlooked by them or to cause communication havoc, reduce productivity and generate further enrichment.

What to do:

1) Report & Deliver All Evidence To The FBI with physical confirmation and identification verified. First.

2) Gain physical chain of custodians on everything.

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3) Do not allow any remote access to third parties without them being on site and have verified the individuals.

4) Save or turnover hardware and properly store backups in protected environments

5) Maintain images or videos of events, backups of all turn overs

The cases have been happening over the past few years with last winter having the most events. With the upcoming election and far right obstruction of crimes, energy and inflation we are seeing strong upticks on physical and cyber espionage.

With desperation we are seeing more and more drastic and dangerous events. Companies should re-verify data center access, business relationships, and harden protocols.

With these threats we see the pattern of correlated increased re-buffering prior to event sprints for example just recently further from players like T-Mobile, Meta where routing is going through Toronto now and switching capabilities and Lloyds and CFC offshoring/reflecting liability and risk to the vulnerable parties in pre-medetaded execution of legal documents and responses.

Re-claims and outside forensic teams are most likely needed on these cases and should be re-verified despite the carrier. Anyone that would like to share information can email or call +1 855-856-TIPS


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