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Election Interference Confirmed

United States of America – Election season has commenced and with emerging discoveries over the past year has come alarming events, action and concerns. What events we are seeing and documenting:

  1. Tampering and obstruction of free flow election operations
  2. Municipal & Government Service Obstruction
  3. Communication obstruction and re-routing
  4. Premeditated installation of botnets, mem/board chip firmware or bios, RF and other wireless interaction with boards, computers, switches, network, and nics.
  5. IP and Foreign Data routing – to – in – between for processing, decrypting, re-routing etc.
  6. Poll Data Spiking and Obstruction
  7. Data Center and other location Intrusion, extortion, trespassing and surveillance
  8. Falsifying and destroying documents, impersonating, cyber response team and end point analyzers, FBI agents, law enforcement and lawyers.
  9. Obstruction of Justice and Reporting
  10. Misuse of Government fund or misdirection of campaign funds.
  11. Failure To Register Under and or correct Communist Party / Totalitarian- Jeopardizing legitimate Republicans votes or wins.

Due to the impossibilities of a safe process of events and due to the obstruction & obfuscating of critical infrastructure, election data and equipment we will likely see limited area “Mailbox Wedding” elections and or delays due to the complex extremity of the issues. Possible U.S. Census Intervention or other agency help due to rapid felony conviction rights revocation and ”illegal” immigrants living and working here. Household numbers and statistics are drastically UN-calibrated and could help a dire situation.

Contact the FBI or Secret Service First; preferably from a outside copper network

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ALERT: Cyber Crimes On The Rise. Again.

Because of the nature of the environment and the now locale of dissent we advise that law be followed always notify the FBI first. Your situation may very though and you should always use the emergency service most available to you – but you should still notify the FBI.

They should, no matter what, make a physical on site visit or schedule a field office appointment to confirm.

Tips for Webmasters

If you use for example forward facing sites or apps with tracking agents for example like analytics, adsense, instant articles you should weigh removing all code like yandex over winter 21′ till investigations and reporting are complete. These analytics and api’s are furthering the owners loss of user identifying information and user service denials that is used in the malware and botnets.