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Google Accused Of Negligent Carbon Emission Data

United States of America – Google is accused of altering or hiding highly important data used for tracking and compounding risks and levels of atmospheric dangers, increased solar radiations and heat island effects. Data highly correlated to energy use and consumption’s.

The revelations are just one of many for the troubled company this year. With major catastrophes throughout the years, Google, has been embattled with poor management of employees and racing to further new products, stalking and product theft. The company has seen extreme cyber risk events, AI debacles, denial of service and access for its users and lost/stolen personal data. Problems that have plagued the companies internet of things devices, ad programs, devices, search and services for its users.

As more and more details emerge the rates of events are aggregating.

Problems with such privacy violations and energy negligence can, have and will lead to more deaths of reporters and journalists, people, environment, loss of protective atmospheric elements and more.

The rush and urgency for Bitcoin, Low Orbit Satellites and 5G may have led to intense negligence in all areas. MIT has conveniently put fourth a plan prior to the Google discovery for fixing our atmospheric and environmental damage from the continuing accumulating events.

For example. Other events that could be triggered by the bad data could be a ‘friction” data calculation that is used for space entry or re-entry. This information and data has real life dangers and consequences.

Other alarming correlations are emerging – such as – long term Far Right entanglement, China & Saudi investment, The current Saudi investment and infestation is alarming along with Google’s involvement in the recent contract with Israel. This opens a whole new game of security problems and data theft that mirrors Twitters embattled saga to fend off Musk in what is becoming a clear pattern spanning over 25 years.

More to follow in upcoming editorials.



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