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Secretary Raimondo, tapped by Biden as the 40th U.S. Secretary of Commerce, was recently sworn in by Vice President Kamala Harris. Raimondo, a strong advocate of sustainability and clean practice, led Rhode Island in the construction of the United States first ocean wind farm off the coast of New Shoreham, Rhode Island.

International female entrepreneurs and businesswomen will be introduced to the realm of the U.S. market through the utilization of counseling services and training sessions. Applications for mentors and mentees are now open and available.

Select USA Investment Summit will be launching the Select Global Women in Tech (SGWIT) mentorship network in June of 2021. International female entrepreneurs and businesswomen will be introduced to the realm of the U.S. market through the utilization of counseling services and training sessions. Applications for mentors and mentees are now open and available.

Female entrepreneurs, lawyers, investors, corporate executives, and business founders are actively being seeked by Select USA to serve as mentors and aid others in learning how to overcome the challenges of establishing a business as a woman in America. U.S. government workers and economic development organization officials are not eligible to perform as mentors. Mentees will be overseas females who are intrigued by potential U.S. expansion. Participants interested in applying must be involved with companies who are based outside of the U.S., have been around less than 8 years, have $10 million in revenue, 40 employees, and a formulated goal of how to improve the U.S. market.

Select Global Women in Tech will be conducted virtually and will aim to match mentees with mentors during the days of June 7th through the 11th. Pairing will be based on similarity of goals, industries, and experience. Participants will be required to attend three one-on-one virtual meetings throughout the six-month duration of the program. In addition, one progress check-in and a final meeting are necessary. Such a connection will allow both mentors and their mentees to develop new relationships, build skills, formulate a network, and reinvent their ideas as well as advance their goals.

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SelectUSA is a government program associated with the U.S. Department of Commerce dedicated to accelerating job propelling business investment. Since its establishment, SelectUSA has provided more than $81 billion in investment which has facilitated the opening of over 100,000 jobs in the United States. SelectUSA has stated that they recognize the difficulties, discrimination, and inequliaty small women-run businesses receive in both the United States and globally. Women in the business world, particularly in developing countries, commonly have no access to the market, market information, mentorship, networks, and other resources which could catapult their success further and permit them to overcome obstacles during start-up. Research studies have revealed that profitable female entrepreneurs who encounter high forecast growth for their company, have engaged in a business networking.

Per The State’s Website Governor Raimondo Led Rhode Island’s Green Initiatives As Follows:



Governor Raimondo has established aggressive goals regarding climate change, including:

  • Advancing a 100% renewable electricity future for Rhode Island by 2030.
  • Increasing in-state renewable energy tenfold by 2020 (to 1,000 MWs) through new development and regional procurement.

Actions Taken

The Raimondo administration has worked to address climate change in numerous ways, including:

    • In January 2020, Governor Raimondo signed an Executive Order advancing a 100% renewable electricity future for Rhode Island by 2030.
    • On July 1, 2018, the Resilient Rhody strategy outlining an actionable vision for addressing the impacts of climate change in Rhode Island was released.
    • In September 2017, Governor Gina Raimondo took executive action by issuing Executive Order 17-10 to accelerate the State’s preparedness and to mitigate further environmental harm, directing Rhode Island’s first Chief Resiliency Officer to develop and lead implementation of a comprehensive climate preparedness strategy by July 1, 2018.
    • Working with Deepwater Wind to complete the nation’s first offshore wind project (Block Island Wind Farm).
    • Overseeing the creation of nearly 4,000 clean energy jobs in the first year of the administration, far exceeding the projected 1,700 new clean energy jobs, bringing the total to nearly 14,000 jobs total. See the 2017 Clean Energy Industry Report to learn more about recent progress on clean energy employment in RI.
    • Issuing an executive order requiring RI to “lead by example” in energy efficiency and clean energy. This involved:
      • Committing State government to obtaining 100% renewable energy by 2025.
      • Requiring State agencies to reduce energy use by 10% by 2019.
      • Requiring the State fleet to purchase a minimum of 25% zero-emissions vehicles by 2025.
    • Asking agencies to consider installing renewables, replacing lighting, purchasing energy-efficient appliances, installing EV infrastructure, and reducing vehicle miles travelled.
      • Signed into law a comprehensive package of progressive energy reforms which:
      • Extended the energy portfolio standard to reach 38.5% by 2035, up from 14.5% previously.
      • Dramatically expanded net metering to allow third-party financing and created a pilot program for community and shared solar.
      • Streamlined the property tax treatment of renewable energy systems, including exempting residential systems from property tax altogether.
      • Extended the state’s renewable energy fund through 2022, which provides a stable and predictable program for homeowners and businesses looking to install renewable energy.
      • Studied the potential to establish a statewide solar permitting process.
    • Investing $35 million into the state’s green economy through a dedicated bond, providing $10 million for bike path construction, $8 million for open space and other state land acquisition, $5 million for brownfields remediation, $3 million for storm water improvements, and additional funding for outdoor recreation and state parks.
  • Creating the RI Infrastructure Bank, a public green bank dedicated to clean energy finance, which:
    • Created the Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) program to allow homeowners and businesses to finance cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable upgrades.
    • Established the Efficient Building Fund, which has provided over $17 million in financing for public buildings over its first year of operation.
Source State Of Rhode Island SelectUSA Investment Summit U.S. Department of Commerce
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