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STATE OF CONNECTICUT SUPERIOR COURT J.D. OF STAMFORD/NORWALK AT STAMFORD STAMFORD, CT 06905 RETURN DATE: January 31, 2023 City of Stamford care of director of legal affairs, PLAINTIFF V. The Widower, Heirs and/or Creditors of the estate of Ann R. Osa, DEFENDANT NOTICE TO: The Widower, Heirs, Beneficiaries and/or Creditors of the estate of ANN R .OSA The plaintiff has named you as a Defendant in a complaint which Is being brought in the aboveMnamed court, seeking Foreclosure and other relief of 37 Camore Street, Stamford, CT The court finds that all reasonable efforts have been made to ascertain the same have Failed, and that notice of this action be given to you by this publication. To respond to this complaint or be informed of further proceedings, you or your attorney must file an “Appearance” with the above named court. The forgoing notice is published pursuant to the ORDER OF NOTICE issued by the court on December 19, 2022 This Notice shall appear once a week for two successive weeks commencing on or before January 11, 2023 Attest: /s/Bill Kemp State Marshal Fairfield County January 3, 2023




BYLT & The Portfolio Of Partners Is Happy To Say It Has Been Acquired For Expansion. We Will Be On Break While The Move And Upgrade To New Infrastructure & Portfolio Products And Companies That Have Been Completed Over The Years Begin To Roll Out While Regulatory Approvals Finalize .

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