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February United States Capital Inflows

United States Of America – In February 2022, the United States recorded a capital and financial inflow of 162.6 billion, following a downwardly revised USD 287.4 billion the previous month.

The largest capital inflow on record for a February month.

  • Foreign investors purchased USD 75.3 billion in Treasuries in February, outpacing the USD 74.4 billion inflow in January for the fourth month in a row.
  • Foreign investors purchased USD 184.6 billion in long-term US securities, a significant increase from the previous month’s inflow of USD 38.3 billion.
  • Foreigners sold USD 25.4 billion in US equity holdings abroad, easing from a USD 50.7 billion selloff in January.
  • Forecasts could be larger in March due to more influx of geopolitical climates.

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