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BYLT: U.S. Solar Energy Production Up 24% & U.S. Wind Energy Production Up 12% Year Over Year – U.S. Balancing And Scaling Responsibly

Mission Solar

United States Of America – Energy data from the “Monthly Energy Review” has been released.  The U. S. Energy Information Administration included the annual data in this data review. The United States showed strong gains in solar and wind. Solar energy production in the U.S. increased from 1.212 Quadrillion Btu up 24%  to 1.501 .Quadrillion Btu showing strong adoption throughout the United States as large scale solar farms continue to see strong development.

Wind power also saw a 12% gain rising from 2.965 Quadrillion Btu upto 3.332 Quadrillion Btu. Adoption of wind project development is slightly behind that of solar but very strong off shore wind developments approved or in the pipeline has skyrocketed over the last 2 years. We will most likely see those gains in the upcoming annual reports as they come online.

Comparison Of Energy Production In USA With Renewables & Nuclear Combined
Comparison Of Energy Production In USA With Renewables & Nuclear Seperated
Comparison Of Energy Production In USA Expanded By All Unit Types
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Comparison Of Energy Production In USA Expanded By All Unit Types And History Segments Of 5 Years

Emissions Per Capita

Carbon Dioxide Emissions from the United States saw a slight increase from 2020 at 4,576 Million Metric Tons upto 4,870 Million Metric Tons in 2021.

Emissions per capita in 2021 was 14.7 Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide. The per capita number is important. To put the data in perspective: in 1980 we had a similar emission number of 4,756 Million Metric Tons in comparison to 2021’s 4,870 but in 1980 our emissions per capita was 20.9 Metric tons compared to our 2021 amount of 14.7 Metric Tons. That is a 30% decrease in metric tons of Carbon Dioxide.

For a full copy of the data including import export offsets please click here.

Source U. S. Energy Information Administration



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