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Kyiv, Ukraine- As of Saturday afternoon nations around the world have come together, and quickly, as Putin’s madness continues to repeat over and over. The Ukrainian’s so far have put up a battle, a street style fight, holding off the initial invasion attempts. Deaths of Russian soldiers have been estimated as high as 4,000 by Saturday afternoon. Confirmed accounts state the Ukrainian Military has killed and captured many of the pre-planted Russian operatives and also Russian soldiers wearing Ukrainian uniforms throughout areas in the region. Many are thought to be Russian Paratroopers and Pilots from initial attacks as well.


According to analysts, the economic consequences from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine will and is striking Russian citizens, business owners and billionaires in the wallet as prices and borrowing expenses rise, slowing development and creating an uncertain future. The United States and its European allies imposed the strongest sanctions yet on Russia this week, after Putin’s decision to recognize areas of eastern Ukraine claimed by Moscow-backed separatists as separate nations and then launch an aggressive military attack against the country.

The United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union targeted key Russian banks and state-owned enterprises, sovereign debt, and critical technology, limiting the country’s ability to generate cheap money and import high-tech commodities critical to defense-related industries. It also sanctioned key officials and executives, including Putin.

The Kremlin’s February 24 invasion prompted experts to lower their projections for Russia’s economic development. The revelations also prompted investors to sell their Russian stocks and bonds, resulting in the largest one-day stock market loss in the country’s history and driving the ruble to a record low.

Sanctions and assets seizures rolled out all week from countries around the world including the US and EU as Putin and all associates began to see assets taken, funds seized and sanctions slapped in what may end up in being the demise of Russian President Vladimir Putin as he will most likely face new and aggregating war crimes.




According to Forbes, Russia’s 116 billionaires have lost more than $126 billion since February 16. An estimated $71 billion of that was lost on Thursday, when Russia’s Moex index fell 33% and the ruble fell to a record low versus the dollar. Sanctions that go beyond the narrow circle of billionaire oligarchs and enterprises already targeted by the United States, United Kingdom, and European Union could wreak havoc on Russia’s richest.

At least five of the billionaires present at the Kremlin on Thursday for a summoned emergency meeting: Alekperov, Mikhelson, Mordashov, Potanin, and Kerimov – were among the day’s largest billionaire losers. On Thursday, at least 11 Russian millionaires each lost $1 billion or more.


Foreign companies have begun to pull out of Russia amid greater country risk, further hurting the economy’s competitiveness and modernization, economists said. U.K. oil giant BP is now under greater pressure to exit its investment in Russian state oil giant Rosneft. Companies around the globe have banded with the people of Ukraine some blocking all Russian traffic to sites and even redirecting some Russian traffic to a static page of a Ukrainian Flag.




Support from around the world has been pouring in. The Vatican confirmed The Pope recently spoke with President Volodymyr Zelenskiy via a phone call and expressed his “most profound pain” for the country and it’s people. He assured the Ukrainian President that the local Catholic Church, persons, and basement will remain open for a bomb shelter as well to help with the needs of Ukrainian people and its soldiers

“The Holy Father expressed his most profound pain for the tragic events happening in our country,”

-the embassy said in the tweet

The Vatican has prayed for a cease fire and close to the bloodshed. The plea’s have gone on deaf ears for days. The Pope even made a surprise visit to Moscow Friday in what appears to be a fruitless attempt at mediation between the Goliath and David.


France today seized a Russian cargo freight vessel in the English. A Russian-flagged commercial ship was arrested by French police in the English Channel on Saturday, according to a representative for the French Channel Prefecture. According to the spokeswoman, the Russian-flagged “Baltic Leader,” a commercial vessel carrying vehicles, was detained in the Channel by French officials and rerouted to the port of Boulogne.

According to the spokeswoman, customs officers have begun inspecting the vessel, which is suspected of belonging to a corporation targeted by European sanctions against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. French customs has launched an investigation.

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President Macron has prepared his agricultural industrialist’s as well of possible impeding volatility on grains and their plans to manage them with the Industry. Background on France’s support systems for Ukraine can be found HERE.

Trade restrictions imposed by the EU on Russia will weigh on French exports such as wine and wheat, according to Macron, while higher energy prices will harm cattle production.

“We’re putting together a resilience plan,” President Macron said, adding that measures would be put in place to safeguard farmers from cost pressures and compensate for lost revenue. Commodity price increases in the last year have benefited grain growers while pinching livestock farmers who rely heavily on grain feed.

The Ukraine situation is creating volatility in agricultural markets, with Paris wheat futures reaching a new high on Thursday. Farmers are likewise concerned about the problem.


Germany abandoned a long-standing policy of never sending weapons to conflict zones on Saturday, claiming that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was a watershed moment that jeopardized Europe’s post-World War II order.

The decision marked a sharp shift in strategy for Berlin, which had adhered to its initial position for weeks despite mounting Russian threats and pressure from EU and NATO allies. On Saturday, Berlin ultimately succumbed to the pressure, as well as the truth that Russia is encircling Ukrainian cities and threatening to destabilize the administration in Kiev.

Putin has not offered any options to the Ukraine President other then surrender or die. This after Putin’s invasion. The Ukrainian’s await more rounds of attacks as Putin orders more men and supplies for the random unprovoked invasion furthering the pain and suffering. Humanitarian issues and civilian deaths have been mounting every day.

The German government has en route 1,000 anti-tank weaponry and 500 Stinger anti-aircraft defense systems to Ukraine from its own inventory. The government has also authorized the Netherlands to send 400 rocket-propelled grenade launchers to Ukraine and has informed Estonia that it will send nine howitzers.


Poland has begun to provide ammunition by land, and Estonia and Latvia announced on Friday that they will begin trucking fuel, Javelin anti-armor guns, and medical supplies to the Ukraine border for handover to Ukrainian soldiers. Other countries have announced they will provide firearms and ammo, while Slovakia has said it will send ammunition, diesel, and kerosene.


The Netherlands announced the shipment of 200 Stinger anti-aircraft defense systems to Ukraine, which is frequently the most desired sort of military help among Ukrainian soldiers and politicians apart from Western powers sending their own planes and forces to fight with Ukraine.

Belgium also declared that it will provide Ukraine with 2,000 machine weapons and 3,800 tonnes of fuel. announced the shipment of 200 Stinger anti-aircraft defense systems to Ukraine, which is frequently the most desired sort of military help among Ukrainian soldiers and politicians. Belgium also declared that it will provide Ukraine with 2,000 machine weapons and 3,800 tonnes of fuel.


That is not all. Hackers, activist’s and others have declared their disgust with Putin’s actions. International hacktivist group Anonymous declares cyber attacks against Putin after the Russian President launched war on Ukraine. “Our operations are targeting the Russian government,” Anonymous wrote on Twitter. Saturday morning the groups release

The Kremlin-backed TV outlet was the first to go down in the internet-attack, which was alleged to be in reaction to the Ukraine War. The news service caters to consumers outside of Russia by broadcasting in English, Spanish, German, French, and Arabic through its online portals. RT is widely regarded as a significant propaganda outlet for the Putin dictatorship. The portal of Russia’s Defense Ministry has likewise been unavailable since Friday afternoon, sending the 418 HTTP error code. Such an error answer indicates that the server “is permanently, a Teapot.”

Saturday morning, the Putin Administration’s own portal,, was also taken down; it is unknown whether the site was hacked by Anonymous.

The Russian Government’s portal, which includes all ministries, is slow and partially down. Saturday morning the group began to release databases of sensitive Russian documents.

Different groups, countries, and agencies from around the world have come together to protect Ukraine and the support continues to mount rapidly.





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